Introducing ModTod: Where Families in Canada Sell Children’s Clothes Online

Do you want to sell the clothes your children have outgrown? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to ModTod, an online marketplace for pre-loved childrens’ fashion, footwear, and style accessories. 
Having kids means giving up the first bite of everything you eat for the next 18 years. It means interrupted sleep to nurse, bottle feed, comfort or coax rowdy little ones into their dreams. It means giving away a piece of your heart, your paycheck, and a large part of your closet space because as soon as you buy that cute dress, the sweet sneakers, that dope t-shirt, they’ll outgrow it and you’ll be stuck storing it forever.If you’re like most families in Canada, you have bins of clothing your children wore as youngsters tucked away in storage spaces even though it has been years since they last fit. Some things were gifts that you never used, others you’re saving for a sibling that has yet to be conceived. Some items were inherited from a friend or family member. Or maybe you’re holding onto the old clothes because you know only 16% of donated clothing is recycled and the remainder ends up in landfills. To use the words of the great Queen Elsa, it’s time to #LetItGo – and we can show you how.
Meet ModTod, the Canadian Marketplace for Pre-Loved Children’s Clothes
ModTod is a family-to-family marketplace for quality pre-loved kids’ clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories. We connect families like yours — from Newfoundland and Labrador to British Columbia — and make it easier for you to buy and sell gently-loved apparel from each other.
The new ModTod website and the free mobile app for iOS and Android help you sell children’s clothes online. You can quickly add photos, a description, and a price to list what you want to sell and put it in front of other families looking to refresh their children’s wardrobes. When you make a sale, we’ll help you ship it. We’ll drop a prepaid label from Canada Post into your inbox. Simply print it, tape it to a package containing your sale, and drop it in the mail. Sixty-five percent of the sale price for every item sold is yours to keep.Our community includes modern families who want easier ways to make sustainable choices regarding their children’s clothes, and who value good quality, style, and fair prices.

At ModTod we’re on a mission to help you:

  • Get organized and cut down on outgrown kids’ clothes that clutter personal spaces,
  • Save money by returning some of the investment you make to dress your children all year,
  • Reduce overwhelm by eliminating the need for in-person exchanges – both the planning and travel; and
  • Be more sustainable by sending your pre-loved clothes to other families and not the waste bin.

Join our Community

Download ModTod from the  Apple Store or  Google Play, or create an account here on our website to start selling.

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