5 Creative Ways to Upcycle Preloved Children’s Clothes for Easter Crafts

Welcome to Easter weekend! In this article, you’ll find five creative crafts to keep your family busy between Easter egg hunts and decorating contests. The bonus: all crafts encourage you to upcycle something old. So pull out the socks without matches, the outgrown T-shirts, and the baby clothes you’ve been storing, and let’s get crafty!

Easter is always a joyful time, especially when there are little ones at home. There’s the sweet smell of chocolate and jelly beans tucked between blades of Easter basket grass. The exuberance of toddlers and little kids fills the air as they move from one pen to another petting bunnies, chicks, ducklings, goats, and piglets on Easter farms. There is love to be exchanged as families come together to enjoy traditional ceremonies, festive meals, parades, and other spring activities – like cleaning. 

If a little spring cleaning is also on your agenda this weekend, set aside the odds and ends and old clothes you’re preparing to get rid of and repurpose them into fun Easter craft activities. They’ll come in handy if you find yourself homebound on a rainy day or if you need additional creative ways to keep youngsters busy indoors. 

Upcycle Your Outgrown Kids’ Clothes

In our first blog, we highlighted a number of reasons why you might be holding on to clothes your kids have outgrown. Some things were gifts that you never used, or inherited items from a friend or family member. Or maybe you’re holding onto the old clothes because you know only 16% of donated clothing is recycled and the remainder ends up in landfills. Whatever your reason, we want to help you give those things a new purpose, by turning them into Easter bunnies, bunny ears, keepsakes, hair accessories and more – if you choose not to sell them with us on ModTod, of course. Read on, friends! 

One Little Project… at a Time No-Sew Sock Easter Bunny

No-Sew Sock Easter Bunny – One Little Project… at a Time

You’ve got a lot of tutus, I’m sure. But Easter is the time to add one more to your collection. Instead of spending your money to purchase something new, create and customize your very own reusing something old – in this case, a sock!

To create this craft, you’ll need: 

  • a sock to create a fuzzy bunny body;
  • stuffing from an old pillow, rice, cotton balls, or another filling to make your bunny plump;
  • felt or other fabric scraps to decorate your bunny’s body and create eyes;
  • googly eyes or a sharpie marker – self-explanatory!
  • Pom-poms or another soft cotton ball for a cute cottontail;
  • tiny hair elastics to section your bunny’s body and ears;
  • a hair bead that you might put on the end of your daughter’s braids (also called pony beads);
  • a few strings of white yarn to make whiskers;
  • Ribbon for an adorable bunny bow tie;
  • and a glue gun or fabric glue to put it all together.

We like the ease and simplicity of this activity for DIY craft newbies.

The House That Lars Built DIY Twist Tie Bunny Ears

DIY Twist Tie Bunny Ears – The House That Lars Built

This next Easter clothes upcycle activity ups the level of DIY difficulty. It requires basic sewing skills, either by hand with a needle and thread or with a machine. To create your own Easter bunny ears, collect these items from around your home:

  • cut fabric approximately 6 cm wide and 120 cm long. Consider using an old pair of cotton pants. Two solid colour options would work great or get funky with patterns
  • craft wire, which you can find in a variety of colours on Amazon.ca
  • wire cutters or a strong, sturdy pair of scissors (we recommend for adult use only)
  • sewing machine or a needle and thread for hand-sewing

The following are the simple instructions for creating this craft, but for sure check out the post linked above for greater detail and photos that take you through the activity step-by-step.

  • Step 1: Cut two strips of fabric, approximately 6 cm wide and 120 cm long.
  • Step 2: To form the bunny ears, cut the edges into a point.
  • Step 3: Sew the two pieces of fabric together leaving a 5 cm gap at one end.
  • Step 4: Turn it inside out and iron it flat.
  • Step 5: Insert a wire that expands the length of the band. Curl the wire in at each end.
  • Step 6: Close the gap by sewing it closed with a machine or by hand.
  • Step 7: Loop your creation around your little one’s head and bend them to mimic floppy bunny ears.

Sew Much Ado Bunny Silhouette Fabric Wall Art

Bunny Silhouette Fabric Wall Art – Sew Much Ado

What do you have in your children’s closet that has been worn nearly to pieces – a once-beloved sweater that got splattered with paint, pants that have seen one too many slides or skids through the grass, an old t-shirt that displays evidence of your child’s favourite spaghetti or pizza dinner?  This next Easter upcycle craft gives you permission to cut the best parts into pieces for decorative wall art.

For this hare-raisingly adorable art, you’ll need items that you may not already have at home (unless you’re an avid crafter). Luckily, all of the items on this list are available on Amazon or your local craft store:

●  9 pieces of fun patterned cotton fabric scraps, approximately 13×13 cm

●  Iron-on adhesive  

●  White quilting cotton

●  Fusible fleece

●  Bunny silhouette image

The Cliffs Notes version of the instructions: Apply the iron-on adhesive to each cotton fabric scrap. Using the bunny silhouette image, cut out 9 bunnies from your patterned cotton fabric. Apply the fusible fleece to the white quilting cotton piece. Place all bunnies onto the white quilting cotton background, and fuse them together using an iron. Frame your work of art and put it on display. Head over to Sew Much Ado for detailed instructions and photos.

Nurture Store Baby Clothing Heirloom Easter Eggs

Baby Clothing Heirloom Easter Eggs – Nurture Store

The mama behind this upcycled clothing craft turned the dresses her daughters wore as babies into Easter keepsakes that she uses year after year. Here’s how you can too using repurposed fabric and simple craft supplies, including scissors, needle and thread, stuffing, fabric glue and other decorative odds and ends:

Step 1: Cut two equal egg shapes out of your repurposed fabric

Step 2: Decorate one egg with glitter, or glue hearts, flowers, and other shapes cut from fabric scraps

Step 3: Stitch the two eggs together leaving an opening where you can add your stuffing

Step 4: Stuff your eggs then sew them shut

Your finished eggs can be put into Easter baskets, displayed on a dining table or hung from a tree as demonstrated in the Nurture Store Blog.

Sew With Haidee Bunny Ear Scrunchie

If you’re not already familiar with Sew with Haidee, we highly recommend you check her out. She’s got a fun bunny ear scrunchie tutorial on her YouTube channel and an Instagram feed filled with adorable upcycled baby and toddler clothes created from thrifted adult clothing. 

Head over to YouTube to watch the Bunny Ear Scrunchie tutorial then visit her IG page and click follow. While you’re at it, hop on over to @modtodapp and say hello!

Happy Easter!

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