ModTod Conditions of Quality

Read this for guidance on how to rank what you sell by quality.

Have you ever attempted to sell fashion or footwear at a traditional consignment shop and find that many of the items get rejected? This frustration was one of the motivators behind creating ModTod. It’s the reason why we give you the power to list any fashion, footwear or clothing accessory you wish to sell regardless of the season, brand, or whether it’s in perfect condition.  

In addition to adding photos of the apparel you want to sell, we ask you to categorize it by gender, size, brand, color, and season. This helps make sure your product can be searched for and found by other families on ModTod. We also ask you to indicate the condition of every item you list. Here’s an overview of our five Conditions of Quality.

New With Tags 

Items listed as New With Tags are in perfect condition with the original sales tags still attached. This category would include things you’ve purchased or received as gifts that your child has never worn, like footwear in its original shoebox.

Like New 

Like New items appear to be in perfect condition. They might have been worn once, twice, or never at all, but they will not have the original sales tags attached. This category might include dresses, pants, or shoes that have been worn only a few times or during special occasions. 


If you’ve listed an item as Good, it likely shows some signs of previous use but is otherwise in good condition. Clothing, shoes, and other items listed as Good may be off-trend. If you’re unsure about the condition of something you want to sell and it’s not new, it has been worn often but it doesn’t show visible damage, then this will likely be the best category for you. 

Needs Love 

Items listed as Needs Love may be fairly worn and likely shows signs of regular use. These signs may include fading, scuff marks, a small stain, rip, tear, or hole, missing buttons, or piling. If you list an item as Needs Love, we encourage you to include a photo of any flaws. 

NOTE: Listing images may be used to settle disputes between customers if there is a disagreement on the quality of a purchased and delivered preloved product.

Everyone has a different interpretation of what makes something “good” or “like new” but we hope these guidelines are helpful to you as you determine the quality of items you wish to sell or buy on ModTod.

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