Get to Know Arron, the Mama Behind ModTod

Hey, ya’ll! I’m Arron, the Mama behind ModTod, a new marketplace for preloved fashion and footwear for children and mothers. Building our mobile app and e-commerce website has been a labour of love; I’m excited to introduce myself and invite you to join our growing community. 

As a mother of two, I know what it feels like to be inundated with kids’ clothes as our minis quickly grow into, and then out of, their wardrobe. I searched every online marketplace and service I could find to sell or swap what my kids had outgrown and replace those items with clothes that tick all the right boxes – stylish, affordable, durable, comfortable, you name it. 

Unfortunately, nothing was really the right… fit.

Some were really inconvenient and a huge hassle to navigate. Others provided clothes that didn’t live up to the quality you’d expect for the effort that was required. I thought to myself, there’s got to be a better way! So, I set out to create one myself.

And that’s how ModTod, my third little love, was born. 

Meet ModTod

With ModTod, I want to help families get organized, save money, and be more sustainable. Hop on over to our March blog post “Introducing ModTod” to read about our mission. 

If you’re anything like me, you want to know more about the people behind a company. The (wo)man behind the mask. The Mama behind ModTod. So today, I’m sharing a few facts about myself that I think are interesting and fun.

Because if it’s not fun, don’t do it

I say y’all

I was born in Oakland, California, but spent most of my life in Maryland and Washington, D.C. I studied at Syracuse University in upstate New York and started my family in Los Angeles. 

I also say eh

My husband, Rob (my college sweetheart!) and I moved to Montreal from Los Angeles in 2014. We originally landed in Montreal’s Old Port but now call the Plateau home. Rob leads the editorial team for a film animation company that expanded to Montreal to join its growing film industry. He now has more than seven animated family films on Netflix. 

In the last eight years, we’ve created a wonderful and diverse community of family friends from around the world here in Montreal. We’ve learned to skate and toboggan, eaten more poutine than we probably should, and become accustomed to having our children call out our poor French in public. 

I’m a mother of two

Robert (8 years old) and Aiden (6 years old) are my joy. Watching them grow up in Canada, an upbringing that is drastically different from my own, has been an adventure. I love spending time with my minis, whether it’s snuggled up reading or watching a movie, running around town to ice cream shops, cultural exhibitions, and festivals, or simply enjoying the outdoors.

I’m committed to raising good humans

Two years ago, I was elected Chair of the governing board for my kids’ school. It allows me to engage with teachers and school staff, and build relationships with other families in our community who are equally committed to raising good humans. I also have the great pleasure of facilitating two after-school programs where I can enjoy the energy and enthusiasm of a big group of kindergarten through 6 graders.

I love good style and affordable clothes

Good kids’ clothes need to be a combo of durable, utilitarian pieces that can withstand rough play, and stylish pieces that reflect and represent your kid’s personality. Here’s the thing – I don’t think these things should cost a fortune. 

I know preloved is the way to go

I’m always really excited to find a great deal on preloved items, whether it’s furniture, shoes or clothes for myself or for my family. Through ModTod, I hope to bring that excitement to other families and help make a more sustainable impact on our world. 

So what’s next?

I want to make ModTod your first choice for selling and shopping for preloved clothes, shoes, and accessories. We’re building partnerships with other brands and individuals to expand our offering, and we’ve recently added women’s clothing. If you haven’t already, go check out our section For Mom

I invite you to follow me (@ArronLN) and ModTod (@ModTodapp) on Instagram to learn more about my family and my journey to build ModTod.  And, if you’re ready to give us a try, create a free ModTod account here on our website to start selling or re-loving something preloved.

Until next time, friends!

By the way, if you’re in Montreal and you’re looking for a great photographer, I recommend Michelle Little Photography. She took the awesome photos I’ve shared in this post.

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