Community Spotlight: Lorena Arias, Influence Marketer, Mama, and Founder at The Fashion Trade

Friends, today we’re spotlighting another mother from the ModTod community. I joyfully introduce you to Lorena Arias, an influence marketer, mama of one, and founder at The Fashion Trade.

I met Lorena several years ago when a mutual friend suggested we connect given how aligned our businesses are – ModTod’s marketplace for pre-loved kids’ clothes, and The Fashion Trade’s luxury style swaps for women. We scheduled regular calls to strategize on our businesses and commiserate on the challenges of life as moms and startup founders.

From the moment I met Lorena, I was grateful to have our paths cross and she has easily become one of my favorite mamas in Montreal.

Fast forward to today, we’re collaborating! You can now find The Fashion Trade on ModTod. Visit our For Mom section to see a selection of designer fashion without the high designer price tag.

Lorena, thank you for being a friend! (belted out to the Golden Girls Theme).

Motherhood Q&A With Lorena

Having children makes you realize how fast time goes by. So I would say that motherhood has taught me to enjoy life to the fullest. All the stages are important and will never come back.

My greatest achievement in life has been on a mental level. Being able to believe that I am the person I am regardless of the opinion of others has been a job that has taken internal work and psychological support. At this moment I feel proud of the progress I have made and I focus on not being so hard on myself as I am aware that it is a work in progress that will take a long time.

I always sing “Making Love Out of Nothing At All” by Air Supply because I adore old corny love songs. Also because I know every single word and I love torturing people with my voice.

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