Community Spotlight: Tara Nunez-Fondeur, the Mama Behind Tara’s Treasure Blox

Hello friends. It’s that time again.

Time to introduce you to another amazing mama in our network. Today, I introduce Tara Nunez-Fondeur, the creator behind Tara’s Treasure Box.

First some backstory. You may have seen in our May blog that I married my college sweetheart after we graduated from Syracuse University in upstate New York. When Rob and I started dating, I inherited a fun-loving bunch of his best friends whom we remain close to today. I met Tara and we became good friends when she too married into this band of brothers. 

Tara recently shared feedback on ModTod and all the ways in which we aim to grow and better serve families throughout Canada (and eventually into the U.S.) During this wonderful catch-up conversation, I developed an even greater appreciation for Tara than I had before. 

As mamas, we hold so many details in our heads about how we can best ensure our families are healthy, happy, and set up to thrive. Tara exemplifies what it means to be a wonderful, caring, and compassionate mother who will support her boys through any challenge. I learned so much in that conversation. Tara, thank you. I appreciate you. 

Parenting is a never-ending journey. You will have different milestones on this road. First mother, then grandmother, and if you are – lucky great grandmother. Each milestone is different from the other. You will lose battles but win wars, you lose money but gain wisdom, and you will learn and pass down lessons. Enjoy the journey! 

My greatest accomplishment is that I can have a cup of coffee in peace. This was a hard and long journey with lots of planning to make sure I can have liquid gold in the morning.

“Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper. I love Cyndi Lauper and I love to sing and dance.

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