3 Reasons to Re-love Something Preloved

Have you noticed the growing trend on Instagram, where women share their thrifting experiences? We have, and we’re excited to see this new trend in images, reels, videos, and stories whenever they pop up on our feed. Buying preloved (second-hand, thrifted, gently used, etc.) is a practical, affordable way to fill your closet.

Not quite sure if you agree? Check out these three reasons why we think re-loving something preloved is best.

There’s a huge benefit to the environment.

Secondhand shopping, especially for clothes, is an easy, money-saving, eco-friendly action. That’s because it reduces waste at both the start and the end of the production chain.

Every new item requires natural resources to make. When you buy preloved items, you reduce the need and the demand to make that exact item again, further reducing the unnecessary use of natural resources.

When you buy and sell secondhand, you’re decreasing the amount of garbage that heads to landfills. The fashion industry – especially inexpensive “fast fashion” – is rife with pollution issues. Sixty-four percent of clothes manufactured for the fashion industry end up in the garbage. (Source: Eco-Friendly Habits)

Buying preloved helps you find your personal style.

If you’ve shopped at a vintage clothing store, consignment shop, or gone “thrifting,” you know that it’s possible to find some pretty cool things that you wouldn’t find in any “new” store.

And as we all know, fashion trends are circular (goodbye beloved skinny jeans, hello high-waist mom jeans).

“I have a friend, whose parents saved all her onesie jumpers from the 70s and now her daughters wear them,” says ModTod Mama, Arron Neal.

If your parents didn’t do this for you, you can go thrifting to find nostalgic pieces for your wardrobe or your child’s wardrobe. Or perhaps your parents did save all those kids’ clothes, but your minis don’t like the style – we welcome you to sell them on ModTod!

Buying preloved provides peace of mind.

We all want our kids to look great and feel comfortable in their clothes. We also want them to be able to express their energetic nature without making mom and dad worry about getting messy. New clothes can cost a lot, which sometimes translates into a terrible sinking feeling when we see stains or damage. Most preloved clothing is sold at a fraction of the price of new clothes. This mitigates that twinge of guilt or disappointment, letting you (and your kids!) focus on enjoying life.   

These benefits don’t only apply to preloved clothes. Honeybooks has a great selection of preloved children’s books, and you can score great secondhand furniture from EcoDepot in Montreal.

By the way… ICYMI, we now have preloved items for mom. Check it out!

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