Community Spotlight: Nadia Plummer

Hey, all! I hope you have enjoyed learning about some of the women in our close network. The women we’ve highlighted have supported ModTod on its journey from idea to marketplace and helped to fuel some of the ideas we’ve shared with you on our social feeds, our blog, and our business practices. To close this series for 2022, I’d like to introduce one final mama, Nadia Plummer.

Nadia is one of the best listeners and one of the most encouraging women I know. 

Nadia and I met when we spotted each other from across the room at a dinner hosted by our children’s elementary school. We became fast friends. 

I leaned on her at the end of 2021 when I struggled to trust my gut with a major professional decision that hung over my head after two years of working from home with kiddos in a pandemic. During that conversation, I shared with her a simple quote that I was reflecting on, and that has served as my guiding light in 2022 — “If it’s not fun, don’t do it.”

After that conversation, she printed that quote, framed it for me, and left it in a goodie bag along with other sweet gifts to help my family recover from COVID (we all caught it for Christmas). That framed quote now hangs above my desk and reminds me to step toward what will bring me joy when faced with a tough choice. 

Nadia Plummer, thank you for your thoughtfulness, your care, and your companionship. 

In addition to having a couple of cool kids, her husband is pretty awesome too. He encouraged me to run for Chair of the Governing Board for our kid’s school, a seat I held for two years.

Parenting is a learning process that’s constantly changing.

Being a mother to my two amazing children.

“You’re gonna be just fine.”

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